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Delhi is the capital city of India and is considered a significant site of ancient urban civilization in the Indian Subcontinent.The capital of India, Delhi is a bustling metropolis with a population of over 22 million people. You’ll find that life here moves much slower than in other Indian cities. After all, the city sees less than a quarter the annual rainfall of its neighbors. For locals and visitors alike, Delhi offers a warm welcome to those who have been fortunate enough to visit.
Many people know of Delhi for its large population and for its famous monuments. Yet few know about all the other aspects that make it such a unique place to live and visit.

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“The Capital City of India”

Delhi Tourism

Delhi is not only the capital of India; it is also the main tourist attraction.
The city attracts many tourists because of the gigantic and well-designed monuments, great shopping areas, and most importantly the sightseeing locations. Delhi has a very rich history that dates back centuries ago. For example, one of the most famous monuments in Delhi is The Red Fort where Emperor Shah Jahan made his summer home.
The capital of India, Delhi is a cosmopolitan city with a historic old Delhi and the modern New Delhi. From historical monuments to crowded shopping malls, from an extensive network of the modern metro system to Delhi University campus, Dilli has multiple personalities and is considered to be the city with a heart. The city is the perfect blend of the historic past and modernity.
The city has a population of more than 11 million people, of which more than 3 million are from other states. The city is also known as the “Gateway to India”, because it is one of the most important transportation hubs in India and it is one of its oldest cities.
Delhi is also known for being a political hub as well, especially since it houses the parliament house.

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