Dudhsagar Waterfall

Dudhsagar Waterfall

Dudhsagar Waterfall is a very beautiful waterfall located in the state of Goa in Southern India. The water falls from a height of 1017 feet and flows over the rocks for about a mile before it reaches the bottom, making it one of the tallest waterfalls in India. The waterfalls are known for their whiteness and the massive volume of water it brings with it. It is also said that the waterfall is among the highly auspicious, as there are many Hindu temples located near the falls. The waterfall is known for its natural beauty and has attracted many travelers and tourists from all over India and other parts of the world.

Meaning of Dudhsagar Waterfall

Dudhsagar, literally meaning milk ocean in Sanskrit, is the name given to the Dudhsagar Falls. The name was given because of the milk color appearance it had when it was first discovered by travelers and explorers who were on that way to Gomantak (Goa).The place where the water falls is set in dense forest and so, the best time to visit Dudhsagar is during winter when there are no leaves on the trees. This allows for a clear view of the water fall from any angle.

Levels of Dudhsagar Waterfall

The waterfall has three levels to it: Radha Kunda, Khandoba Kunda and Kashyap Kunda. The Khandoba Kunda is the highest level and has a width of 600 yards and a depth of 300 yards. The Radha Kunda is the second level, which has a width of 400 yards and depth of 200 yards. The Kashyap Kunda, which is the lowest level, has a width of 200 yards and depth of 50 yards. The water falls down from all three levels to merge in one big waterfall, known as Dudhsagar falls.

FAQs About Dudhsagar Waterfall

Q. What is the best time to visit Dudhsagar Waterfall ?

A. The best time to visit the waterfall is during winters. There are fewer trees and more grass during this time and it allows for a clear view of the waterfall from anywhere on the ground level.

Q. Is it safe to swim in Dudhsagar Waterfall ?

A. It is not recommended because of strong currents of water flowing down from all three levels, which can be very dangerous if there is a drowning person in the area.

Q. How to reach Dudhsagar Waterfall?

A. Buses and taxis can be taken from Mapusa to Dudhsagar, which is about 20 km away from the city. There is a guest house at the falls, where one can stay.

Q. What facilities are available near the Dudhsagar Waterfall ?

A. There is a public toilet facility near the water fall and it is open from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., seven days a week, except on Mondays during which it closes at 8 p.m.. There are no other facilities near the waterfall and since it is a very small area, it is not safe to go anywhere else.

Q. How much time can we spend at Dudhsagar Waterfall ?

A. It will take about an hour to reach the spot where the falls are located and another hour or so to reach the top level of water fall. Therefore, three hours is about average time to spend at Dudhsagar Waterfall.


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