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Goa region is located in the lower western part of India, facing the Arabian sea. This region has charm of its own and it offers you a variety of options for your time and money to spend. Goa is an extremely popular destination for tourists. Many people associate this state with a party culture, white sandy beaches and water sports. It is one of the places in South Asia where locals enjoy life to its fullest by displaying a little bit of their culture through dance, music and food. The best thing about travel here is that you can simply enjoy activities without worrying about expectations or finding explicit things to do. This small state has numerous historical monuments of the time, since it was the capital of the Portuguese empire in Asia at that time. The state has many things to offer someone who is looking for a good time to spend.

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The average cost of a Goa trip is calculated based on the duration of your stay in Goa. Let’s understand this with some numbers. The average price of a room in budget hotels ranges from Rs.1000 to Rs.4000 per day depending on the season and location of your accommodation in Goa. The more popular the place, the higher will be the price. The cost of other lodgings in Goa also varies depending on their location and availability. For example, if you choose to stay at a luxury hotel in Goa like Radisson Blu Resort & Spa , then the average cost for a room would be around Rs.5000 per day.

Another factor that will determine the cost, is the method of transportation you choose. Are you a fan of motorcycle or car drive around or do you prefer to use public transport like buses and auto-rickshaws? If you are a bike freak and plan to drive around, then your budget will be considerably higher than someone who plans to travel by bus.

Other than accommodation & transportation, food is also an important part of your overall travel expense in GOA . According to the latest data, the average price of a meal in a budget hotel ranges from Rs.200 to Rs.600. Other restaurants in Goa are a bit expensive than budget restaurants, but the quality of food is not compromised at all.

You should also keep in mind that no matter what your travel budget is, many things like souvenirs and shopping will increase your overall expenditure on the trip to Goa greatly. So, plan your trip carefully and choose the modes of transport accordingly.

The state of Goa was originally Portuguese, but changed hands to control by the Dutch. On 19th December 1961, India defeated Portugal in the International Court of Justice and proclaimed Goa as an Indian State. The state's name is derived from the word "gom" which means "village" in Portuguese . Goa is less than three hundred square miles, and It is located on India's northern coast and borders Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala.
There is a large number of tourist attractions in Goa's outskirts that are easily accessible from cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune etc.

people love Goa So Much because it's a beautiful, sun soaked destination that offers an eclectic mix of people, culture, and nightlife. From the moment you step into Goa and see the breathtaking coastline lined with palm trees and colourful houses to explore, you'll be drawn into this magical land better known as India's ‘mini-Hollywood’.

The culture of Goa is influenced by the Portuguese as well as the natives. The architecture and food habits are a great example. In fact, Portuguese brought Christianity to Goa, it was spread throughout the country with a significant impact on the popular culture. In addition to this, it is still visible in Goan Hindu and Christian communities.

If you’ve been to the beach state of Goa, you know it’s a fun place. And if you want to make your next trip even more memorable, don’t forget these things:

Take back your trash; Goa looks amazing with clean beaches.
Goa is a magical place and everyone there is pretty open-minded, so don’t be afraid to be yourself.
Don’t walk alone after sunset; there are dangers of sexual attacks and robberies.
The night life is great, but drinking too much is not advisable.
The best way to have fun is by dancing at different hotels or discos.
Don’t ask for money or drugs from locals, who are friendly and happy to help you for tourism purposes.
Don’t take local girls to your room; it’s illegal.
It’s okay to kiss someone in public so long as you don’t do it on the beach, and only when you know them.

Emergency Helpline numbers: Police Control Room (PCR) – 108
Women’s Helpline – 1091
Child’s Helpline – 1098

So remember, don’t wait to have a good time. If you can't find a fun activity while in Goa, you're not trying hard enough.

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